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Teenager Therapist in Gainesville, Fl

Therapist for Teenagers

Counseling for Teens

Adolescence is a very unique phase of life characterized by significant physical, emotional, and social changes. It's a time of change and growth, and it can be both exciting and challenging. Many young people experience anxiety, depression, mood swings, behavioral problems, and other mental health issues during this period. Therapy can be a safe, affirming environment for your teen to explore their concerns.


Here are some signs that your teenager may be struggling and would benefit from therapy:

  • they've been more irritable, moody, or withdrawn  

  • they're isolating themselves and not spending time with


  • they've been questioning their identity, sexuality, or gender

  • their grades have suddenly dropped and they're no longer

       interested in school

  • your family has experienced significant changes (moving,

       new school, divorce)

adolescent therapist for teen gainesvill

Therapy can be an effective way to address these challenges and support healthy development. I specialize in helping adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, school issues, social difficulties, and family difficulties. I provide a non-judgmental, supportive space where your teen can talk freely, explore their emotions, and process their experiences. (Click here to learn more about me!) Therapy can help your teen learn healthy coping skills, improve communication skills, increase confidence, and improve their mood. If you're a teen struggling with mental health issues or the parent of a teen, seeking therapy can be a powerful step towards healing and growth, and I am here to support you. If you're ready to work towards a brighter and more fulfilling future, feel free to reach out to me by filling out my website contact form or give me a call to set up your first appointment. 

"You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process."- Rupi Kaur

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